Immigration and Citizenship

What if you can’t attend the citizenship ceremony?

The intent to reside in Canada after acquiring citizenship was introduced by Harper government not that long ago and is really a very peculiar requirement that you rarely find in other naturalization laws of other countries.
Based on date of post and substracting 4 years, the person in question applied in 2009. The intent to reside was not a requirement for citizenship at the time. Meaning she was in her right to move the day after she applied for citizenship.
Trudeau just repelled the change introduced by Harper.

Furthermore, the application takes a year or more and plans can change in that time. Example: a person being laid off, meeting his other half in some other part of the world and moving to live with them.

And while some people that intend to leave canada apply for citizenship just for the perk of the Canadian passport, many apply because the have some attachement to canada, and still contemplate the possibility of returning to Canada at some point. (This is specially true for people that can go work in Europe easily, before becoming Canadian like the person is question)

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