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WES equivalency to a government unrecognized diploma

I’m applying to FSW and currently in the process of getting my diplomas equivalency with WES. I have one bachelor degree (which I graduated from 11 years ago) + one postgraduate diploma (which I awarded 10 years ago).

I recently contacted the Spanish university that awarded me with the postgraduate diploma, to ask them for my academic transcript – I already have the original diploma but no transcripts – with the all subjects taken, grades, etc earned and, to my surprise, they replied me that:

“The program that you took was a non-official (therefore non-sanctioned – recognized – by the Spanish Ministry of Education) University course, there are no official records neither of the subjects carried out nor of their grades. In that regard, you were awarded with a global assessment of the whole program in the form of “PASS” or “FAIL”. This is the reason why the University is not able to issue neither an official certificate with the subjects and grades, or to offer a stamped syllabus of each of those subjects. This is also the reason why the Spanish Ministry of Education stamp is not present in any of the documents received by the student regarding the program

On the other hand, and should you need it, we would be able to issue a certification where all that is stated above is spelled out. The certificate can be issued in English with the exception of the name of the program since it was taught in Spanish.”

Well, well, well… 10 years later and only now I realise that I “graduated” from a unofficial course, that’s really disappointing and I feel like a complete fool, especially because this cost me a lot at the time.

Bottom line:

I have a diploma certificate with a “PASS” award issued by the university, but no grades transcripts at all, as I didn’t have any exams, only a final project presentation in which I passed.

Is there any chance this diploma can be considered as higher education diploma by WES, with such certification issued by the university? Does anyone have any examples or similar experience to share?


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