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Valid PR card denied boarding by aircraft company?

Ok, I wasn’t really denied boarding by the air company. But I did sweat a little bit.

I took the Philippine airline last month. When I checked in at the airport with my PR card, the officer of the air company told me that they could not find my visa information in the computer, and thus not allowing me to check in initially. They said their computer system is connected to the Canadian government’s system and can check if a passenger has valid visa information.

My situation is, I landed in Canada about 2 years 4 months ago and went back to home country and never returned. Then after 2year4months I decided to move to Canada for good. I applied for a new passport in my home country because the old passport is about to expire in 7 months. Then I got a new passport number. Not sure if this is the reason that the computer systems are not showing my visa information?

The officer said he had to contact headquarter for situation like this. After about 1 hour, they said that they will verify my PR card manually then they will let me check in. I transferred in Manila. They said that I will need to have their colleagues in Manila check my PR card again so that I can get my boarding pass from Manila to Toronto.

Has anyone encountered situation like this? Do we need to update our passport information somewhere so that it will show up in the “computer systems that are connected to Canadian government”?

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