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URGENT: Landing through thousand islands bridge in personal (financed) car.


My wife, our dog and I will be short-landing through thousand islands bridge (Landsdowne) on Wednesday 11 July. We plan to drive there from NYC in our Nissan Altima car, which is being financed and the loan hasn’t been paid off as yet. Thus, I don’t have the title with me ( but I do have the registration ).

My wife has a US embassy appointment for her H1b visa stamping in Ottawa on 12 July. We plan to be in Canada for 7-10 days depending on when she gets her passport back.

Today while making my plans, I stumbled upon some people’s negative experiences while landing using their own car. The issue seems to be that a personal car needs to be exported in the first instance of landing itself, even if the first landing is only for a few days and the car will be going back to the US.

Here are my questions:

1) Could a CBSA officer refuse entry to me and my wife when we go to the thousand island bridge in our (financed) car because it hasn’t been exported?
2) Should I declare this car on my ‘Goods to follow’ list? I plan to tell the officers that I can’t export the car right now because the loan hasn’t been paid off – that’s the truth as well.

3) I am afraid of a scenario where the officer refuses entry to me or my wife, and then my wife can’t enter back in US because she doesn’t have a stamped Visa. One solution I am thinking is to go to the border together, then if my car cannot enter Canada, I would come back to US while my wife will take a taxi to kingston and then a train to Ottawa by herself (very inconvenient)

Or am I just overthinking this?

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