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Urgent help with NOCC for EE

Hello all,
pls I need help choosing my NOCC for Express Entry.Here is my situation:
I worked as a graduate assistant with a Federal University in my home country for 3years and 1 month and upon obtaining my masters in 2015 was promoted to Assitant Lecturer in March.Exactly one year from that day,I was promoted to Lecturer 2,4months after I left for Canada for my PhD.
Now am confused which NOCC to choose,if I choose NOCC4011(applying a lecturer) does this mean that my experience will be considered as 1yr 4months.If this could be the case,should I apply under nocc4012 as graduate assitant with 3yrs experience(2012 to 2015).
The thing is I dont know how his NOCC after crs points.

Candid advice will be highly appreciated.

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