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trouble with matching NOC & Employment requirements!? :-\

Hi all, I need your help with finalizing my NOC code as I’ve a few doubts around it.

So, my foreign work experience is under the title Fibre-Optic Network Designer and it’s referred to in Canada as OSP Designer/Outside Plant Designer alternatively OSP Planner/Fibre Planner. I found NOC 2147 has this title, also the lead description matches, in-terms of main duties but under job duties they only talked about Computer and telecommunications hardware engineers and Network system and data communication engineers but not in particular about my title, below these two job duties there was couple of lines saying,

Computer engineers may specialize in a number of areas including analog and digital signal processing, FIBRE OPTICS, integrated circuits, lasers, microprocessors, microwaves and radio astronomy.

that’s about it but it’s still relate-able, and it’s all good until I scrolled down to check under employment requirements says,

  • Computer engineers require a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, electrical or electronics engineering, engineering physics or computer science.

and I’ve a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering + Master of Infrastructure Management + Master of Environmental Engineering but unfortunately I don’t have work experience in any of the related fields, I didn’t enjoy it so I moved to Telecommunications Industry.

Now, in-terms of claiming my foreign work experience, how do I go about it, I tried a lot to find a NOC code where there are no strict educational qualifications but I couldn’t.

From your experience what would you suggest and by chance is there any Fibre-Optic Network Designers out there who can offer words of wisdom.

All help much appreciated,
Thanks in Advance :)

p.s. I’ve edited my main post as it was even longer at my first go.

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