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Need advice/guidance:

My husband does not meet the residency requirements to rewew his PR. However, my sons and I live in Canada, so he would need to be able to visit us. He is currently in the US on an L1 visa.

In order to surrender his PR, I have heard two routes:

– Voluntarily renounce PR

– Apply for Temporary Document for PR, get rejected, wait out appeal period.

How long does each process take? i.e. if he applies to voluntarily renounce PR, how long does it take (on average, or at the NY Consulate specifically).

If he applies for the TD for PR, how long does it take to get a response, and how long is the appeal period?

Also, what are the chances that he will get rejected for a visitor visa once surrendering PR – assuming that he has ALL his paperwork in order, is there still a higher chance of getting rejected vs. average?

I am not sure if many people who have renounced PR are on this forum, but maybe someone knows something about this.

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