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Spousal sponsorship for work visa

Hi there! My wife and I will be moving to British Columbia next month and we had a few quick questions we were hoping to get answers for:

1. We would like to rent an AirBNB for the first month while my wife looks for a teaching job and a more permanent residence, but we were wondering if that would hold up my application process for my work visa (I’ve heard that we should sign a lease sooner rather than later to show intent to stay in Canada).

2. We are a bit unsure of what is acceptable in terms of crossing the border. Should we drive separately since I am not a Canadian citizen and don’t have status there? We will have boxes and personal items; should these also be in my wife’s car?

3. We are also considering keeping our belongings in storage here in the US for the time being. If my wife finds a job, we would then find a more permanent place to live, and I would have time to drive our furniture to Kelowna. Would I be allowed to cross the border with a truck full of furniture?

Thanks in advance for the help/advice!

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