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Second week of June 2017 Applicants

Hey there ,

So i think this information might help someone because this is the kind of information I’ve been looking for . So i applied for study permit for Fall 2017 semester starting in August . I submitted my online application on June 14th 2017 . On July 15th 2017 , I got a message from CIC telling me ‘ there has been no new updates on my file ‘ i found this really weird , Because i was waiting for a decision for 4 weeks for my study permit since I’m applying from the United States . From this point i had no updates on my application, you should know that theres no way for you to contact cic when you have applied online (that was my situation ). So On the Eigth week , on July 11th 2017 which was today i finally got an update telling me i should upload few documents before the 16th august . My classes start August 20th .

All this to tell you to not stress too much about this , i still don’t have a decision yet but i know how hopeless i was , waiting for an update . They’re taking 8-9 weeks to process your applications i noticed the pattern while reading entries on these forums. But if you’re lucky it might take less time , my sister gt her study permit after one week last year . She applied end of july and week later was the first week of august and she got her visa knowing her classes start in September.

The visa offices keep in mind your starting date , don’t compare your status with everyone , we all have different situations. Im still stressed but now i know they are reviewing my file hopefully next week. I’ll keep all of you updated.

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