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Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) Live Updates

SINP Latest News

This page will be updated regularly with SINP latest news and live tracking.

Please be advised the SINP Entrepreneur program has updated the Expression of Interest (EOI) pool selection schedule and will conduct the following EOI pool selections in 2019:
March 7, 2019*
May 2, 2019*
July 4, 2019*
September 5, 2019*
November 7, 2019*

*Please note that these dates are subject to revision.
As of Monday July 16th 1:00 PM CST, the International Skilled Worker – Saskatchewan Express Entry and Occupations In-Demand sub-categories will use an EOI system.
Visit International Skilled Worker EOI System for more information .
For information on finding work in Saskatchewan, visit Finding Work.


The federal government sets the number of nominations the SINP can make every year. To ensure program efficiency, the SINP accepts a maximum number of applications each year. When the application threshold is opened to new applications, applicants are invited to apply.

The table below is updated quarterly or when an application threshold is met. When each maximum is reached, no further applications will be accepted in that category. The website will be updated Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Application Intake Thresholds as of January 2, 2019

International Skilled Workers

SINP Category Maximum number of applications
Number of applications currently being accepted
With an Employment Offer 4,000 4,000
Express Entry * *
Occupations In-Demand * *

*The Express Entry and Occupations In-Demand subcategories no longer use thresholds. Please visit International Skilled Worker EOI System for more information on how to apply.


Saskatchewan Experience

SINP Category Maximum number of applications
Remaining applications
that will be accepted
by the SINP in 2019
Existing Work Permits & Health Professionals 1,200 1,200
Students 1,300 1,300
Hospitality Workers 200 200
Long Haul Truck Drivers 50 50

Entrepreneur* and Farm

SINP Category Maximum number of applications
Remaining applications
that will be accepted
by the SINP in 2019
Farmers 50 50

*Applications to the Entrepreneur Category are selected based on an Expression of Interest system. Please see the Application Guide for more information.

Selecting Candidates from the Entrepreneur Expression of Interest (EOI) Pool

Immigration Services conducts draws to select candidates from the Entrepreneur Expression of Interest (EOI) pool, inviting them to submit a completed application to the SINP. There will be one EOI pool draw every two months.

  • Candidates who have submitted a complete EOI profile to the pool will be eligible for selection based on highest total points score.
  • EOIs submitted on the day of the scheduled EOI selection are not eligible for selection during that selection but will remain in the pool and be eligible for consideration in the next EOI pool selection.
  • As pool selections are ongoing, candidates are encouraged to submit their EOI only after they have completed all activities related to the points grid, such as completing exploratory visits or obtaining language credentials. Once submitted, candidates will not be permitted to update their submitted EOI.
  • Candidates who are not immediately selected will continue to remain in the EOI pool either until they are selected based on their points score, or their EOI has expired and is withdrawn.

Please review the updated materials, including the Application Guide, for more information.


Entrepreneur EOI Selection Results on January 3, 2019

Number of Invitations Issued 90
Average EOI Score 120
Highest EOI Score 150
Lowest EOI Score 115

View Entrepreneur EOI Pool Selections Table.

SINP EOI Latest Draw 2019

Saskatchewan declared the first ever EOI SINP draw on January 16th, 2019. In this draw, 596 Express Entry EOI and Occupations In-Demand candidates were invited to apply. The candidates with EOI score of 63 points in Express Entry and 66 points in OID stream were given invitations in this latest draw. 

If you are already in the EOI pool with score little less than 63 points in EE stream and 66 points in OID stream, it is advisable to wait for the next SINP draw as you might get lucky.

The next SINP latest draw 2019 is expected to take place on 21st February, 2019.

EOI Draw Date of EOI Draw Minimum CRS Score Required No. of ITAs Issued Category
Jan 16, 2019


Occupations In-Demand 

Express Entry
Dec 06, 2018


Occupations In-Demand 

Express Entry
Nov 23, 2018


Occupations In-Demand 

Express Entry
Nov 1, 2018
6160 671 

Occupations In-Demand 

Express Entry
Oct 10, 2018


Occupations In-Demand

Express Entry
Sep 27, 2018


Occupation In-Demand

Express Entry EOI
2 Sep 20, 2018 75 140 Occupation In-Demand
1 Aug 21, 2018 68 466 Express Entry

For detail information about SINP, see Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)

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