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Rejected Express Entry Eligibility

Hi all,

I just applied for Express Entry, and within 5 minutes, got a message saying the I was ineligible for Express Entry. However, I checked my eligibility multiple times (and am eligible), and my calculated score is ~540.

Here are my details:
Education qualification: Masters (2 years in US) and Bachelors (4 years in India). Got is verified from WES
IELTS: Reading: 9, Listening: 9, Speaking: 8.5, Writing: 7.5
Work experience: 3 years of 1112 in India (Financial and investment analysts: Skill level A), 3 months of 1122 in USA (Professional occupations in business management consulting: Skill Level A)
#People I am applying for: 1
Age: 26
Funds to bring in Canada: 50000

Application details: We regret to inform you that you are no longer eligible to be in the pool. Check your messages below for details.
Minimum entry criteria You do not meet the minimum entry criteria.
Federal Skilled Worker Not Met
Provincial Nominee Program Not Met
Canadian Experience Class Not Met
Federal Skilled Trades Not Met

Could someone suggest what is going wrong? I am completely clueless, and am quite worried as to when/ how I should reapply.

Appreciate your help. Thanks a ton!!

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