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Re-entry to Canada without PR Card.

Hello Guys,
Greetings for the day! I had 3 quick questions please help me with this.

I have a Canada visitor visa and applied for Canada PR.

1) Hello Guys I just wanted to know after the Canada PR application is processed and I get the passport stamped, will my visitor VISA continue or it will get canceled. Because I am working in USA and can’t wait for PR Card for 2 -3 months before it arrives. (Please respond if you are 100% sure as there are few experts telling it will be there as every VISA has its purpose.)

2) I know that if you don’t have a PR card after the first entry to Canada, you will not be able to enter without the PR card but only in a commercial vehicle as they check before you onboard. But I also got to know that you can travel in your personal vehicle (Car) as the border authorities will check online? – Is it true!

3) Now if I need to have the PR Card for re-entering for sure, then what are the alternative ways.

It will be highly appreciated if you can provide few links (for reference) along with your answer.

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