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Question about work permit in conjunction with family class application

I am a bit confused about the work permit in conjunction with the family class application and hope someone can help clear things up. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

I sent my family class application and the application to change conditions/extend my stay/remain in Canada as a worker, but it was sent the latter back due to insufficient processing fees. I would like to double check that I am picking the correct option and paying the correct amount.

First off, what do I pick for question #3?:

I am applying for one or more of the following:

  • a work permit with the same employer;
  • restoration of your status as a worker;
  • an initial work permit or a work permit with a new employer;
  • temporary resident permit.

I picked “an initial work permit or a work permit with a new employer” but I’m not sure if that’s the correct choice as I have a Post Graduate Work Permit (open work permit) that expires at the end of December.

I initially paid $155 for “Work permit (including extensions) – per person” but was told it is insufficient. The only option that is clear is the restoration option, which is $355 (restore status $200; new work permit $155).

So, if I picked the correct option for question #3, do I add the $100 “Open permit holder” option on top of the $155 I already paid? If I didn’t pick the correct option, what is the correct choice and fee?

Thank you again! :)

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