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“Quebec Days” immigration events to recruit 3000 foreign francophone workers

The province of Quebec, Canada, aims to bring 3000 foreign skilled workers through its ‘Journées Québec’, or ‘Quebec Days’ immigration events.

In the coming months, Quebec plans to organize 17 “Quebec Days,” to recruit foreign skilled workers primarily from Francophone countries. Countries include France, Brazil, Morocco, Tunisia, Columbia, and Latin American countries.

Focus will be on sectors where needs are greatest in the short term. These include information technology, engineering, the construction industry, and health and daycare services.

Other sectors severely suffering staff losses and recruitment difficulties due to the pandemic, such as the hotel and restaurant industry, will also benefit from “Quebec Days” immigration events recruitment.

Quebec facing acute labour shortages

Quebec Minister of Employment Jean Boulet stated that Quebec’s labour shortage is “acute” in all sectors and in all regions. He anticipates no less than 1.4 million vacant positions need to be filled by 2030.

“In the context of generalized scarcity, immigration is one of the options available to businesses,” he said, adding foreign skilled workers will be even more increasingly important over the coming years.

The province’s foreign affairs minister, Nadine Girault stated that the province “must bolster its presence on the world stage and particularly in French-speaking and francophile countries which are sources of skilled workers”. And further that “Quebec Days” immigration events offers excellent visibility throughout the world for Quebec businesses looking for labour in several key sectors of our economy.

The Canadian province faces a major labour shortage that is affecting the its economy. Therefore, Quebec says it will have to hire foreign workers to meet workforce needs in the coming years.

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About “Quebec Days” immigration events

The province hopes that recruiting 3,000 workers from different countries will help its efforts. Quebec recruited about 1,500 in the previous “Quebec Days” immigration events.

The province will recruit foreign workers around the world in partnership with entrepreneurs, government ministries and non-governmental organizations. These include, economic development associations, Québec international, Montréal international, and also, the Société de développement économique de Drummondville.

Employers with 49 employees or less will pay $1,500 to take part in Quebec Days. Those with 50 or more employees are to pay $3,000.

By 2030, Quebec may see 1.4 million job openings, and at least 22% of those jobs require immigrants, said Boulet. 

Pandemic impacted Quebec labour force and economy

Since 2020, Quebec job vacancies increased with a drop in the number of workers looking for jobs.

“There were fewer people looking for jobs in the labour market than there were jobs to fill in the period from September through to December 2021,” noted the report.

A recent report by the Institut du Québec noted job vacancies in Quebec remain 88% higher than before the pandemic.

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Quebec Immigration Programs Overview

The province of Quebec administers its own immigration programs and the selection criteria are distinct from those of federal and other provincial immigration programs. 

Both the Province of Quebec and the federal government have committed to increasing immigration targets for the coming years. Canada aims to welcome more than 411,000 immigrants in 2022. Quebec plans to admit 49,500 to 52,500 immigrants in 2022. The province will also admit an additional 18,000 to reach admission levels missed earlier due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that more than 70,000 newcomers arriving in the province of Quebec in 2022.

Why choose Québec?

Because immigrants to Québec find good job opportunities and one of the best qualities of life in the world—both in urban centres and outlying regions. And because in Québec you can achieve your goals, push your limits and expand your horizons. Because Québec allows you to lead a full life. It’s as simple as that!

Immigrating to Quebec to work

For more information and step-by-step requirements, visit Quebec Immigration Requirements.