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Ji Jules82,

You need to be very careful with ur POF document when it comes to SINP. If it is MPNP, what they do is to call the bank and confirm if u actually hav the fund when ur file is being treated. But with SINP, its completely different. SINP requires a transferable fund and so they expect you to maintain the balance through out ur application time. Therefore SINP can ask for updated POF even months after you have submitted ur file. A case of that just happened recently and u can confirm that with the link below


ï‚· The minimum amount must be maintained for at least 3 months prior to submitting your application to the SINP and you are required to maintain these funds throughout the entire immigration process.
 The account(s) must be in the principal applicant or spouse’s name(s) only.
ï‚· Account statements must show detailed transaction history.
ï‚· Only provide documents for accounts that maintain the minimum required value,
not documents for all financial assets.


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