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Most of us here who have applied for Express Entry has followed a similar path. So, you are good on that front.

As for the documents, you need to provide the gift deed along with an affidavit from your mother’s behalf declaring that she is gifting you this money for your immigration purposes (or whatever the case be) and she doesnot want it back. Other documents required are your balance certificate, 6 months’s statement, transaction details of the money given by your mother (if possible attach the page of account statement of both your and your mother’s account which reflects the transaction). Transaction could be any which way, net banking or a cheque, but you should produce a proof of transaction. Also, make sure your explain all this in your Letter of Explanation (LOE) so as to make your Visa Officer’s job easier.

I would advise you to keep this money in your account until your reach Canada. Reason is that during background check the Visa Officer can at any time ask you for a fresh account statement. Moreover, when you land in Canada, there as well at the port of entry they may enquire about your funds.

Hope it helps.

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