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Pre-landing questions

Taking a break from checking my mailbox for my COPR documents :mad: to ask about landing and all that stuff..

(Apologies if i should be posting this in other sections of the forum!)

Question 1… I have a pretty good amount of savings in the UK that i want to bring here to use as a deposit on a home (partner will be on the mortgage not me but anyways that’s a different story..i want my money to be in Canada!). When i land do i have to mention that that money will “follow” me at some point. When i land to activate my PR it will either be downtown in an office or at a land border (Watertown or Ogdensburg) so i wont be physically bringing in the money. Is there anything i should be doing regarding that? Am i going to get taxed or anything on that money (i posted in finance section of forum but it’s sleepy in there!)

Question 2.. I don’t really have “goods to follow”. I have been in Canada a long time. I DO still have a few bits and pieces at my Mum’s in the UK that i plan to bring here but it’s thing like bedding, some kitchenware bits like bowls/mugs…nothing like a TV, furniture etc. I would be bringing these bits and pieces in my luggage on my return from a visit to the UK in the future at an undecided time.

Any help much appreciated!

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