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Hello all.

My query is that, i have submitted my passport details with name and address before marriage in the EE profile. My passport was issued 8 years ago.

Now I need to apply for India PCC, which is asking for Present address (different address now). I read that PCC rejects applications of people whose address has changed and passport older than 6 months. Also they are asking for new passport.

Can some one please highlight if this is correct. If so, any consequences in change of passport in EE profile later ? I am awaiting ITA.

Second query is that, I have spent 8 months total in USA in last 10 years , but not more than 3 months at a stretch. Canada PCC guidance says that i am not required to submit PCC of that country since its less than 6 months in a row, however, I “may” be asked to submit, so it is better to get it and keep. On thier website this is written. Can some one guide me on this.

Thank you,

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