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Pakistan in Top 10 Canada Immigrant Source Countries

Pakistan in Top 10 Canada Immigrant Source Countries.

Pakistan continues to rank highly among the top ten countries for Canada’s Express Entry immigration system.  Please also read PAKISTANIS’ BEST CANADIAN IMMIGRATION OPTIONS.

Express Entry is an electronic system that the Canadian Government established for purposes of expediting the selection and application process for various Economic Immigration Programs. It requires online submissions of applications and documentations to ensure quicker processing times, which currently average 6 months.​

A new report shows that in 2017, Pakistanis ranked number 4 among nationalities who received Invitations to Apply (ITAs) under the Express Entry system. 3,336 Pakistanis received ITAs. India remains the number 1 and dominant source country, receiving 36,310 ITAs out of a total 86,022.

Top Nationalities for Canada Immigration

Rank Country Express Entry ITAs 2017
1 India 36,310
2 China 7,466
3 Nigeria 5,130
4 Pakistan 3,339
5 UK 2,652
6 US 2,030
7 Brazil 1,672
8 Iran 1,382
9 Ireland 1,274
10 Australia 1,264

Factors Favorable to Pakistanis in the Express Entry System

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Pakistan is doing very well under Canada’s Express Entry system for a number of reasons.

First, Pakistan produces highly-skilled technology workers, which are sought-after by Canadian businesses. Many federal and provincial immigration programs are targeted to IT skilled workers. See Canada’s Tech Workers Shortage A Boon For Immigrants.

Second, Pakistanis have a good working knowledge of the English language, an important factor in applying to Canada under the Express Entry system.

Third, Canada already has a growing Pakistani population. Therefore many Pakistanis have close relatives here which makes it easier for Pakistanis to qualify for many Canadian immigration programs such as Family Class Sponsorship.


How to Apply for Canadian Permanent Resident Status From Pakistan

Please read the more detailed guidelines here: How to Become Canadian Permanent Resident – Guidelines.

In summary, the two main ways that Pakistanis achieve Canada PR are as an economic immigrant or through family sponsorship. If you do not have family in Canada your first step is to create a profile in the Express Entry pool. You provide a self-assessment of your credentials, ranging from age and language ability to qualifications and experience. As a start you can also use our Immigration Eligibility Assessment Tool .

Each profile is given a score and placed in the pool from which draws are conducted every two weeks. Those who do not score enough points with their qualifications may need a job offer (worth 200 or 50 points in the CRS score sheet) or a provincial nomination (worth 600 points) to boost their chances. Especially for Pakistani IT workers, if you do not qualify through Express Entry you may want to consider applying to one of the Provincial Nomination Programs, which target specific occupations that are highly desired in specific Canadian provinces.


Many Pakistanis also come to Canada first with temporary visas such as student permit or work permit and then later work on their permanent residence applications. For information on other programs available to Pakistanis to come to Canada before becoming PR see Your Canada Immigration Options.


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