Canada's Immigration Levels 2022-2024

Over 1 million Canadian job vacancies – open for foreign skilled workers & students

Statistics Canada reports that Canada had more than 1 million (1,014,600) Canadian job vacancies as of September 2021. According to the report, Canada’s economy continues to recover from the coronavirus pandemic and more employers are hiring. But there remain many Canadian job vacancies.

The Canadian job vacancies are across all sectors typically looking for foreign skilled workers and international students. For example:

  • accommodation and food sector – 196,100 vacancies
  • health care and social assistance – 131,200 vacancies
  • retail trade sector – 121,700 vacancies
  • construction – 85,400 vacancies
  • manufacturing – 82,600 vacancies

Canadian job vacancies and job vacancy rate, unadjusted for seasonality

Canadian job vacancies – September 2021
Job vacancy rate – September 2021
Sector aggregate1,014.66.0
Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting17.76.1
Mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction7.13.6
Wholesale trade39.04.7
Retail trade121.75.8
Transportation and warehousing48.36.1
Information and cultural industries20.05.2
Finance and insurance38.34.8
Real estate and rental and leasing9.93.6
Professional, scientific and technical services64.75.7
Management of companies and enterprises4.23.3
Administrative and support, waste management and remediation services57.36.6
Educational services21.82.3
Health care and social assistance131.25.7
Arts, entertainment and recreation16.45.5
Accommodation and food services196.114.4
Other services (excluding public administration)39.87.2
Public administration12.02.2
Statistics Canada


Statistics Canada notes that, in common with other economies, the Canadian labour market has seen a sharp increase in job vacancies in recent months, even as employment and unemployment have continued to recover from the impact of COVID-19.


The report explains that in general, increases in Canadian job vacancies can signal a number of developments. First, it may signal an increase in economic activity and hiring, as employers create new positions to be filled. Second, it can signal new or worsening structural labour market imbalances, such as shortages of specific skills or geographic mismatches between available positions and workers who could fill them. Third, increasing vacancies can be an indication of shifts in the willingness of workers to accept the wages, benefits and conditions associated with a particular job.

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