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Ottawa won’t pursue deportation of Abdoul Abdi, Goodale says

Ottawa will not pursue the deportation of a former child refugee and convicted criminal to Somalia, according to Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale. 

Goodale tweeted on Tuesday evening that the government “respects” the recent Federal Court decision that spared Abdoul Abdi from a deportation hearing. 

“The Government will not pursue deportation for Mr. Abdi,” Goodale wrote. 

Abdi, 25, came to Nova Scotia as a child refugee in 2000 with his aunts and sister after his mother died in a refugee camp in Djibouti. He was placed in the custody of the Department of Community Services (DCS) in 2001. 

His family never regained custody and he was placed in 31 different foster homes and group homes.

During that time, the DCS did not apply for citizenship on his behalf.

Abdi got in trouble with the law as a youth and as an adult. In 2014, he pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and assaulting a police officer and served time in prison before being released. That sentence triggered a deportation hearing.

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