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Old PR status reactivation question

My husband was a PR from the age of 9 after landing with his mother who was a PR due to marrying a Canadian citizen. He is British. He moved back to the UK at 18, and has been here for 16 years. We married 10 years ago, and he has just been offered a fantastic job opportunity in Canada working for an old family friend. It is not a job that would pass an LMIA.

He has a permanent SIN with a card, but left Canada before the PR cards were introduced. He had to surrender his Alberta driving licence to get his UK one. He has visited Canada several times for a couple of weeks at a time and has never been stopped or sent for secondary inspection – it would appear he does not show up as a PR and is travelling on a visa exempt passport, so just walks through immigration.

If he was to travel to Canada and take up this job, the only problems we can see are these:

A) He is sent for secondary inspection when they somehow realise he is a PR and hasn’t met his RO. Should his PR be revoked, he would not be able to simply stay in Canada for 2 years and apply for a PR card

B) He is going to need a copy of his mother’s IMM1000 (which lists him too) to get hold of an Alberta driving license. She has applied for a replacement document, but this looks like it will take 6 months according to CIC

C) He will need this driving license to get his healthcare card. He could drive on his UK license for 1 year, but with just a British passport and UK Driving license and SIN card, he wont be able to get health card. I think the website says that if he has the IMM1000 and an Alberta driving license, he can get the health card.

Are there any elements I have misunderstood, or could he enter as a visa exempt, start work (with SIN) and after 2 years, apply for a PR card? Has anyone successfully done this?

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