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Old passport number on Work Permit

Hello, I renewed my Work permit last Saturday, i went to the border and flag poled, then came back and got my new work permit without real issues, but today that i scanned the paper to send to my employers and i noticed the permit had my old Passport number.

I imagine the officer at the border might have got mixed up and did not realize that the number on the application was outdated, since i handed him my old passport which expired almost the same day as my permit, and my new passport for him to staple the new permit, but in the middle of that he probably got mixed up which was the new one and saw no issue with the number on the application.

Does anyone know how to rectify this? or whats steps to take, i’m planning on calling CIC tomorrow morning anyways, but i’m mostly wondering if someone already knows what to do, since i saw a similar case for a student that had the wrong number on his permit, but did not really specify what his process was in that thread, since the forms he points to (1436E) do not have a specific area to amend passport numbers.


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