Immigration and Citizenship

OATH Ceremony


Date: July 4, 2018

Time: 1:00 pm

Location: Scarborough Office

Duration: about 2 hours

Total number of applicants: 83

Arrived 10 minutes earlier.

Stood in a line that leads to the ceremony room.

At the door entrance, an officer looked at the invitation letter, the COPR and the PR card.

He let you inside the room to a clerk who took the consent form as well as the PR card.

You were seated at your designated seat.

When everyone took their designated seats, the clerk described the ceremony procedure and the judge name.

When the judge entered the room, all attendees stood up then sat down. He greeted everyone and welcomed them to the end of their long immigration journey. He gave information about the responsibilities and rights of a Canadian Citizen.

Then we all stood up and he introduced the Oath in both languages English and French then we sat down and he started to distribute the Canadian Citizenship Certificates to each one of us in the same order we were seated.

After receiving the certificate, you were conducted at the back of the room to sign the Oath. After everyone had signed the Oath and returned to their seats, we stood up again and sang O Canada, the bilingual version.

Finally, we took photos with the judge, the clerk and the officer.

Status in ECAS was changed to “Complete” the following day.

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