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No status applied for H&C please help!

Hi All, I came to Canada in 2011 as an international student, after two years due to sanctions on my country I could not continue my education and I had to drop out of my undergrad. I had valid status until september 2017.
During my stay in Canada, I also had a significant contribution to Canada with lots of voluntary activities and few certificates of appreciation from two different ministers I also created a job for 4 Canadians too. Since I could not apply for any categories I had to apply for H&C but my application had been submitted in Feb 2018 and I had no status after Sep 2017.
My brother has a citizenship of Canada and he has cancer so I cannot leave him and also my parents are retired and unfortunately, bankrupted since the second year I came to Canada so I cannot go back to the country I came from plus I was in Canada since I was 20 and had all my friends and colleague here, it’s like my home now!

My H&C application is still “Received application” since March 2018 and I have no idea if I have a good chance or not!

Someone suggested me to apply for refugee since it is easy to approve and faster. Can you guide me on that as well?


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