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Nigerians Best Canada Immigration Options – Must Read

Nigerians Best Canada Immigration Options

Nigeria is one of the top source countries for Canadian immigration.  With its relatively high literate population and similarity to Canadian economic and legal systems, Nigerian citizens stand a good chance of qualifying under many Canadian economic immigration programs.

What Are the Options for Immigrating to Canada From Nigeria?

Canada has more than 60 immigration programs. Which Canadian immigration program is right for you will depend on your goals and your particular situation. If you are a Nigerian looking to immigrate to Canada, read this article on to discover which programs are available.

Check any country’s visa requirements:

The programs are not only multifarious but some tend to be quite complex with various categories and sub-categories. For example, there are many different categories for professionals and workers under which you might qualify for your Canada Immigration permanent resident visa. These include:


Which Canadian immigration program is best for Nigerians?

The following factors may help you to begin to narrow down your options according to your situation and goals.

Do you have a post-secondary education in Nigeria?

Education is a major factor for eligibility for many Canadian immigration programs. Programs like the Skilled Worker and Provincial Nominee Programs, assign a point value to your education. Take our free assessment to see if your Nigerian education helps you to be eligible for one of Canada’s immigration programs.

Do you have a minimum of one year of skilled work experience

Canada encourages immigrants who are able to settle and sustain themselves economically and contribute to the economy. If you have at least one year of skilled work experience in Nigeria, you are deemed more likely to be able to assimilate into the Canadian labour market. Many Canadian immigration programs assign a point value for skilled work experience. Take our free assessment to find out if your Nigerian work experience may improve your application for Canadian immigration.

Do you have a valid Canadian job offer?

A Canadian job offer may enhance your eligibility for certain immigration programs. But first read the general requirements for working in Canada here Working in Canada.


Have you previously studied or worked in Canada or doing so now?

Nigerians who have previously worked/studied, or are currently working/studying, in Canada have a path to becoming Canadian permanent residents via the Canadian Experience Class and Quebec Experience Class programs.

Canada also allows Nigerians studying in Canada to work for three years after their graduation and to become Canadian permanent residents after.  This is a popular route for candidates who do not immediately qualify for permanent residence when applying from Nigeria.

Do you have a high net worth or significant financial resources from Nigeria?

The federal and Quebec governments operate a number of business investor and entrepreneur immigration programs that offer excellent opportunities to Nigerians for obtaining Canadian permanent resident status. In addition many provinces offer business or investment streams under their Provincial Nominee Programs. Some of the popular ones include Canada Start-up Visa Program and Quebec Immigrant Investor Program”.

Do you own and/or manage a business in Nigeria?

Canada also aims to attract entrepreneurs and investors through its business immigration programs, with many applications accepted from Nigeria.

Your business ownership or managerial experience in Nigeria may enhance your eligibility for federal and provincial governments business investor and entrepreneur immigration programs. Start your free assessment today. You just may have the qualifications for many of these programs.

Do you have Nigerian friends or relatives in Canada?

Canada also offers a number of Family Class Sponsorship programs. These programs allow Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor family members and loved ones for Canadian immigration.

If you are Nigerian and have a friend or close relative in Canada, you might be able to obtain Canadian permanent residence under the federal Family Class program. As well you will get points from the Provincial Nominee Program available in the province where they are resident. Our free assessment will help you identify programs that your application may benefit from these family relationships.

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