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New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NB PNP) launches Critical Worker Pilot

New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP) nominates qualified foreigners who want to live and work in New Brunswick, for Canadian permanent residence.

The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program accepts applications under these categories:

  • Express Entry Labour Market Stream
  • Skilled Workers with Employer Support
  • Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream
  • Skilled Workers with Family Support
  • Entrepreneurial Stream
  • Succession Connect pilot program

For full information on requirements and guidelines visit: Immigration and Settlement in New Brunswick.

New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot targeted progam

New Brunswick announced that it is launching a new 5-year pilot immigration program to attract skilled workers for hard-to-fill jobs.

The Critical Worker Pilot is a joint initiative with the federal government of Canada. It will see the initial participation of six employers who will offer skills and language training and other guidance and support to newcomers.

NB PNP monitor and evaluate the program regularly so that it remains responsive to immigration needs and delivers the highest possible outcomes for the province.

The participating employers in New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot have a good reputation with the NB PNP. They have deep experiewnces hiring immigrants. They also have settlement programs in place and are willing to provide on-the job training and language support.

The six employers are:

  1. Cooke Aquaculture,
  2. Groupe Savoie Inc,
  3. Groupe Westco, 
  4. Imperial Manufacturing, 
  5. J.D. Irving Ltd, and also
  6. McCain Foods.

Employer Requirements for New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot

To be eligioble to parrticipate in the Critical Worker Pilot, Employers must:

  • have robust settlement plans for housing and transportation to best support the successful establishment of candidates into their new jobs and communities, with strong commitments to long-term retention;
  • have comprehensive human resources planning in place for recruiting and hiring skilled international talent, and for on-the-job skills enhancement;
  • provide up to 200 hours of language training, as required, to recruited candidates; and
  • offer guidance and support to candidates who may wish to pursue their Canadian secondary education equivalency.

Moncef Lakouas, board president of the New Brunswick Multicultural Council (NBMC) said: “Meaningful employment is consistently cited as the number one most important factor impacting our newcomer community’s long-term retention. 

“The Critical Worker Pilot Program is exciting and innovative in that it guarantees jobs to newcomers while also delivering vital settlement services such as language training and access to housing. 

“I appreciate how the program uses a mutual-benefit approach to support newcomers and employers.”

How does NB PNP nomination help your Canada immigration application?

Canadian provinces do not have the ability to give out permanent residency status. However, they can nominate your for PR if you have a profile in the federal Express Entry immigration system.

Express Entry is the application system that Canada uses to manage skilled worker applications. It is also the most popular way to immigrate to Canada.

A total of 1,200 points is available under Express Entry. You immediately get 600 points if you are nominated by a province. A provincial nomination effectively guarantees that IRCC will invite you to apply for Canadian permanent residence in any of its Express Entry draws.

For example, Nadih has a bachelor’s degree. She’s been working in agriculture sciences for five years. Nadih has never worked or studied in Canada. She has the necessary Canada English or French language proficiency.

Nadih’s federal Express Entry pool CRS score is 310. However, she recently obtained a provincial nomination through a BC PNP. As a result IRCC awards her additional 600 points.

Consequently, Nadih’s total CRS score jumps to 910 points! This is well above the minimum CRS score that Nadih needs to get an invitation in a federal Express Entry draw.

IRCC will issue qualified PNP candidates in the Express Entry pool an invitation to apply for permanent residence. After IRCC approves your application you complete the landing process, and officially become a Canadian permanent resident.