Immigration and Citizenship

Need a Clear Concept about Citizenship

Hope everybody is well. I am from Bangladesh. I’ve already completed my Senior High School Degree from Marine Engineering Major this year. My result is not so bad (3.44 out of 4.00). I am willing to prepare for IELTS.

Canada is my dream from Childhood. That’s Why I am very much interested about to go to Canada.

After a while I have consulate with one of my Brother’s Friend. He had completed his studies and he was worked in a bank in Canada. He has citizenship of Canada. Now he is running his Business in my country. He became a well businessman nowadays. I share my thoughts for Canada to him.

He show me a way. I have some confuse about that way. He told me about that he will send me Canada by getting an invitation from Canada for a business trip from his Company. After that he told me to destroy my passport. And I have to make a refugee claim to stay in Canada; as a permanent residence. I might have to go to a lawyer. And after the 3 months when I will get P.R. I will can apply for citizenship in Canada. Then when I will get Canadian Passport I will can move any other Country.

I want to know how much valid is that.


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