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IMay you please help me to write a letter explaining the misrepresentation I made in my application for MPNP. The issue is as follows:
May you please help me answer these questions.
1) In my application for MPNP I did not answer the question on relatives because I do not have relative.
So when the officer called me asking why I did not answer the relative question I told him that I did not understand it.
I thought I needed only to write the friend I have.Then in continuing the conversation the officer asked if I had a sister in Vancouver. Then in that confusion I said yes.
Then he asked me why I did not mention her in my application. I tried to say no it’s an error but it did not work. I then received a letter to explain why I did not mention my relative in Vancouver.
I do not even know the town I have never been there. .
May you please help me on how I can reply to convince the officer that surely I do not have any relative in Canaďa except friend which I mentioned in my application.
2) I mentioned 2 companies I worked for and I send an affidavit for each.Now they want P45/P60 or tax papers which I do not have. I have managed to get my Income records for the years I worked based on my National Insurance Employment contributions.But does not show the names of the agencies.
I also have a reference Letter from one of the agencies but it does not cover the years on my affidavit I submitted.
Can this work.?
Please help.

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