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Mistake in the Settlement Plan 2 sent by a Manitoba Supporter

I am writing this topic on behalf of my close relative whose full application has been sent to MPNP for the immigration process and currently there is a received status on MPNP online page right now against the MPNP application status when he logs in to his MPNP online account.
I want to ask a general question regarding a mistake in the settlement plan 2 that was sent by his Manitoba Supporter. My relative forwarded a full application to MPNP in September after receiving the Invitation to Apply from MPNP via e-mail. He then forwarded a full application with all the required documents using his MPNP online account and after receiving the confirmation e-mail that his application has been successfully received by the MPNP, he sent an e-mail to his Manitoba Supporter, currently settled and living in Winnipeg, as a reminder to forward the settlement plan 2 as soon as possible and his supporter does the same without wasting any time.
Now, when he didn’t get a single reply from MPNP after 2 months, he reviewed all the e-mails and documents that have been forwarded to the MPNP and he managed to spot a major mistake in the settlement plan 2 sent by his supporter. His supporter entered the wrong file number in the settlement plan 2, obviously due to some misunderstanding in communication, sent to the MPNP. Subject of the e-mail and Settlement plan 2 file attached in the e-mail, both contain wrong file number. Secondly, 30 days limit of sending the settlement plan 2 has already been passed now.
Can you please help what to do now and how to sort out this problem? Should i tell my relative either to contact his supporter and sent the Settlement plan 2 again to the MPNP or should his supporter have to contact MPNP office staff via phone or in personal or is there any other way of solving this problem? Hoping to get a positive and quick reply from your side. Kindly guide me with the best solution to this problem in your view which also doesn’t have any negative effect on the immigration process still in progress under MPNP.

Thanking you and Regards.

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