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Lawyers/Canada Immigration

Lawyers/Canada Immigration – Avoid Costly Immigration Fraud

Lawyers/Canada Immigration

Lawyers/Canada Immigration – updated August 29, 2022. Immigration to Canada is achievable only through federal Express Entry programs and Provincial immigrant nomination programs run by Canada’s provincial and territorial governments.

It is prudent to retain the services of an immigration lawyer or consultant.

The Canadian immigration system is complicated, and frequently changing. Errors can have devastating and costly consequences for applicants, delaying your process or even causing rejected claims. Moreover, using a lawyer or government authorized agent helps you to avoid immigration scam and fraud.

If you suspect that you may be a victim of immigration scam and fraud, REPORT to:

IMPORTANT: Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has published tools and guidelines that you can use to verify if someone is a certified immigration lawyer or consultant.  Please read the following:

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Lawyers/Canada Immigration Fees

People ask several questions about lawyers/Canada immigration fees:

How much does a Canada immigration lawyer cost?

And How much do Canadian immigration consultants charge?

How do I find a good Canadian immigration lawyer?

Should I hire a lawyer to immigrate to Canada?

The Lawyers/Canada Immigration Fees below are from and represent what you can generally expect from other Canada immigration lawyers and agents.

Replacement of Immigration Document$1,500
Express Entry Profile First stage$2,800
Second stage after an ITA is received$3,000
PNP through Express Entry$3,000
Invitation Letter$1,500
TRV Temporary Resident Visa (Visitor Visa)$2,500
TRP Temporary Resident Permit (Inadmissibility)$4,000
TRP (Inadmissibility) Consulate + POE Submission$2,000
Travel Document Application$2,000
Restoration of Status$2,000
Super Visa (Parents and Grandparents)$2,500
Study Permit$2,500
Study Permit for Undocumented Resident in USA$5,500
Open Work Permit – Spouse$2,500
Open Work Permit – Post-Grad Employment$2,500