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Hi! I’m applying for my PR under EE-CEC since I’m currently living in Canada for over a year. I’m still creating my profile, and I have a question about my previous work experience.

I currently work in marketing, but my first work experience was in HR (for 11 months) in Brazil. Is that something I should include in my profile, even though it has different NOC (for HR is NOC A 1121, my current one is NOC A 1123). Also, I saw on the website that work experience while doing full-time studies is not valid, but is that only while studing in Canada or just overall studies? (My work experience was a full-time job, not an internship- even though I was still in university).

My second international experience was in Marketing for 1,5 years (also in Brazil). I want to include that in my profile, but I have contacted my previous boss to get the reference letter, but I still haven’t heard from him- I’m not sure if he’ll send it. Is it possible to use as proof of my work there the Tax return information they gave me, proof of monthly salary payment? Also in Brazil we have a booklet where employers put information about your job (initial and end date, salary, vacation time), would that also help me prove this? Does anyone have any experience in submitting documents to prove employment that is not this letter reference letter?

I don’t think I actually need the points from the work experience, but I also don’t want to look like I’m hiding my previous employment information. (When I had to fill my tax return here in Canada this year, they asked me to provide my income from the last 3 years, so in a way they “know” I’ve worked while in Brazil).

Thank you!!

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