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Indian Passport Renewal from BLS Toronto

Hi all,

I’m a PR from India residing in Toronto. My passport (originally issued in Delhi) is due to expire end of this year, so I have started my passport renewal process.

I’m going to be updating how the process goes here and how long it takes, along with any relevant details that might be helpful for someone else in the future.

If someone has already gone through this in the past, can you please shed light on how long the processing takes? Some other threads here said that if I had done a PCC from BLS before, it takes shorter time to renew the passport. Is that true? In my case I have done PCC back in 2016.

Current Details:

Old Passport Pages : 36
Old Passport Issue location: Delhi
Expiry : End of Dec 2018
Tracking Page Used:

2018-05-05 : Submitted Passport Renewal Application to BLS India in Toronto at the Lawrence Ave location.
2018-05-09 : Status changed from ‘Application Received, in transit to Consulate General’ to ‘Processing at Consulate General’.

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