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Canada Work Permits

Canada Work Permit

Why is Canada work permit a popular topic?  There is a shortage of labor in Canada, particularly in certain skilled fields. Consequently Canada is actively seeking foreign workers and professionals to help grow its domestic workforce. Every year, the Canadian government issues 100,000 work permits to Temporary Foreign Workers to help business meet their skilled labor demands. These are foreigners with jobs in Canada with work permit.


In addition to these workers, there are other foreigners who are allowed to work without a work permit. Depending on the type and scope of work, duration of work, country of citizenship and other factors of the foreign worker, different rules and requirements apply.

It is crucial for foreign workers and their employers to go through the proper channels before any employment in Canada commences.  See the following links for detailed information on how to get job offer in Canada from outside.

How to Obtain Canada Work Permit 


International Students: Study, work and stay in Canada

Application to work in Canada — work permits including open work permits
Application for work permit inside Canada – extend, change conditions or initial work permit – includes open work permits
Apply for a work permit — Temporary workers
Extend Your Work Permit

Colleges and Institutions Jobs
Government Jobs

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