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Immigrants Earn More Than Canadian Average Soon After Arrival

Canadian Immigrants Earnings

If you’re coming to Canada as an immigrant then this will be music to your ears. An internal report by the Government of Canada shows highly skilled economic immigrants are earning the same or more than the average Canadian annual income soon after their arrival. The Government report was released to the press following an access to Information request. The report in question examines the economic and social outcomes of newcomers who have arrived in Canada through all of the immigration classes, these include economic, family and refugee classes.

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Newcomers have the potential to earn more

The government report gives some insight into how newcomers to Canada often fair economically after landing in Canada. Immigrants in all classes are doing better than the Canadian average and skilled workers really hit the ground running.  Skilled workers will earn annual incomes that are equal to or above the national average very soon after that arrive in Canada. A lot of economic class immigrants will find themselves in managerial or professional positions.

In addition to this great information the Government of Canada’s stated belief that skilled economic immigrants with high human capital, ie. education, language skills and work experience, tend to have a higher earning potential in Canada. This reinforces the need to be working on your English language skills before and after you arrive.

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New Entry Requirements

In November 2016, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) adjusted how economic immigration candidates in the federal Express Entry pool were awarded points under its Comprehensive Ranking System, with the emphasis shifting away from a job offer in favour of their human capital scores. This allowed more and more people to apply for Canadian visas this way. IRCC said the change was implemented to ensure “a fairer and responsive immigration system that addresses emerging needs and long-term economic growth for Canada.” This focus on human capital scores will allow newcomers to Canada to really take advantage of a wider range of their skill set outside of their work experience and any job offers they have in Canada already.

So, to sum up, if you needed any more encouragement to move to Canada this is it. Knowing that the opportunity is there for you to succeed and get the income that you desire is great news. Armed with this information you can look forward to a bright future in Canada and enjoy the many benefits that immigration has in store for you.

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