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I want to major in Architectural technology. Please recommend a college.

I’m an international student.
Currently, I want to major in Architectural technology.

I’ve looked into a lot of colleges.
Typically BCIT, NAIT, SAIT. I also learned that these three places are famous College everyone knows.

But I still don’t know what college is famous in Ontario.
At first, I wanted Centennial and Georgebrown,
I’ve heard that the Centennial assessment is not good, and I’ve seen some bad reviews.
Isn’t the Centennial assessment good?

Georgebrown realized it was a school specialized in cooking.
Is it not a good thing to learn at Georgwbrown as an Architectural Technology major? Don’t you recommend it?

Please recommend a famous college of Architectural Technology in the state of Ontario.

And I learned one singularity.
Even if it was in the same Architectural major,
BC <BCIT> , AB< NAIT, SAIT> is a two-year Diploma, whose major is Architectural Technology (Technologies).

However, if College in Ontario choose the two-year Diploma, their major is Architectural Technician.

I have to take an Advanced Diploma class for 3 years before my major is Architectural Technology.

I know my position after graduation depends on how many years I attended school.
Technician -> Technologist -> 4 Years of University Degree.
Engineer – In – Training (EIT) -> Professional Engineer (P. Eng) after four years of experience

However, it seems that Technologist of BC and AB State and Technologist of ON State are different.
What on earth is right?
The two years of [Diploma ]Architectural Technology and
Is there a big difference between the three-year [Advanced Diploma] Architectural Technology of the College of Ontario?
(What are the many differences between classes, post-graduate positions, and treatment?)

Will College in Ontario learn more and more details than NAIT, SAIT, or BCIT over a one-year period?

I knew I would become a Technologist if I completed my architectural engineering course in BC and AB.
However, based on the College of Ontario, the two-year Diploma is a technician.

After graduating from NAIT, SAIT and BCIT, I knew I would become a Technologist.
But if I get a job in Ontario, will I be a Technician?.

I thought I became Technologist after graduating NAIT, SAIT, BCIT.

Will I be in the Technologist position after graduating from the two-year Diploma course in BC(BCIT) , AB(NAIT,SAIT)?

And plan to go to University right after graduation
Or, after graduating from college, I plan to get a job and go to University through transfer.
When I get the chance, I plan to transfer to the University.
My final goal is P.Eng.

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