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How To Get A Cell Phone Plan In Canada As A Newcomer

When you arrive in Canada, one of the first things that you’re going to need is a cell phone plan. You’re going to need a Canadian phone number to apply for jobs, and access to the internet to find your way around in a new city.

What’s different about a cell phone plan in Canada?

Many newcomers are surprised to learn that features like voicemail and caller ID are not included as standard. You’ll need to check with your operator whether these are included in your chosen cell phone plan in Canada.

You’re going to need a cell phone plan that you can afford

When you arrive in Canada, one of the first things that you will need is an affordable cell phone plan. There are cheap options for newcomers, and with Lucky Mobile, you can get access to a cell phone plan that suits your needs and budget and get you connected right away.


Canada is a big country, this means if you want to call outside your city, you may incur big charges.

Ask which locations are included in your mobile phone plan. Is it limited to your locality, or is it Canada-wide? And if it’s limited, where is it limited to?

There is some good news here. Many mobile phone plans include international calling or texting in the cost, so you can keep in touch with home. If not, you may be able to get it included as a cheap add-on.

Find out the 10 things you need to know before moving to Canada

  • It is crucial you ask lots of questions when you’re buying a cell phone plan in Canada.
  • Where can I call as part of my mobile phone plan?
  • Will I incur extra charges if I call outside of my local area, or use my phone in another city?
  • What will it cost to terminate your contract for your cell phone plan in Canada?
  • Is caller ID and voicemail included?
  • Are there roaming fees?
  • What happens in the event of damage?

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