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Got study permit thinking of differing, what are consciences

Hello there,

I haven’t arrived in Canada yet. Here is my journey.

TRV applied: 08 November 2017 (2017 not 2018).
Class start: January 2018.
Visa issue: 14 March 2018.

Didn’t got my visa in January. Embassy requests me to submit updated LOA. I got a new acceptance letter from the university for September – 2018. Now, I want to defer once again my admission to January – 2019 because of the job, I have to finish ongoing projects. The university has accepted to give LOA for January – 2019.

Medical Expiry: 02 September 2018.


1- What are the negative effect on VO at POE for deferring admission two times.
2- Do I have to give a new medical and how will I submit the medical to CIC?

Thank you in advance.

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