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Family/Parent Visitor Visa Advise!!

Unfortunately, he is not a family tie per se from a visa perspective because he lives in a different city + he is not dependent on your mom.

Travel history means short travels to visa-required countries like the US, UK, EU, Australia, NZ, etc.

– Now that you mention, this is a point of concern. Both Russia and India are visa required from Bangladesh and she had to obtain visa for Travel. She has two sons in Russia too. Will that count or only visas of the countries you mentioned matter?

One point at a time:
1. She does not have travel history considering her current visa application profile.
2. Based on your post, it seems her family ties are limited to you and your brother. This means whether Canada or Bangladesh (at your brother’s place), your mom can overstay her visit = Not a short stay visitor.
3. ‘Travel History’ and ‘Purpose of Visit’ are generic refusal reasons. You must consider the entire visa application instead of focusing on just these two refusal reasons.


Any indications of long stays and/or wanting to visit multiple times in the future could result in another TRV refusal.

Neither 2-3 months, nor 4-5 months’ stay. Her stated visit must be for not more than one month.

If granted a TRV, it would most probably be multiple entry and she can stay for longer than the stated one month stay.

– Noted. Will take your advise and apply for a month

CAD 6500 is low. Has she earned this money? Or was it transferred from someone? Is she financially dependent on anyone?

Are the fixed deposits locked-in? Or does it yield interest/interest is credited to her bank account at regular intervals?

-She earns the funds through her fixed deposits in a regular interval. She is not financially depended on anyone. We will submit copies of fixed deposits. Anything else should we do to make her case strong?

Your finances as the host are secondary. She must prove she has the financial resources to pay for the visit without depending on you. You can offer support by accommodation, or by taking her of her local travel.

Funds available for my stay = Her liquid funds.

– Will the fixed deposits be included as liquid funds or just the 6500 CAD in her account?

1. Has she rented the properties? Does she have rent agreements? If yes, when are they due for renewal?
2. Does she earn a pension?
3. Can she prove a must-return-to-Bangladesh reason by a specific date with evidence?

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