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Extension of Tourist Visa

Hi ,

I am waiting for decision on my Outland Application for Family Class Sponsorship.

I am in Canada on Tourist visa staying with my husband till then. I am also doing some part time courses (which are less than 6 months and for which I was eligible on Tourist visa). My status will expire on 23rd August 2018, since it would be 6 months.

I have two questions :
1. Can I apply for extension on my Tourist visa to stay longer ? What reason should I mention for staying longer ? Should I mention I want to stay with my husband or should I mention i want to continue taking these small courses.

2. There is a Question on Questioner list while I was checking on eligibility to apply for extension of Tourist Visa, which ask “How long are you planning to stay in Canada?”. So when applying for extension ? will I have to answer “more than 6 months” or “less than 6 months”.

Pankhuri Jain

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