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Express Entry and Bridging Work Permit


I have created an Express Entry profile through an immigration agency in Canada. During this process, WES requested additional transcripts which they received on August 28th, 2018. My WES account now states that my evaluation is due for completion on October 2nd, 2018. Is this the usual amount of time WES takes to evaluate added information that they requested for?

Additionally, my PG Work Permit expires in 4 days and my agent has submitted a tourist visa application. When I suggested applying for a bridging work permit, they said that I shouldn’t do that because my PR application will then be denied indefinitely. Is this true?

I am wondering how this change of status will affect my PR application since I am going to be out of job as well since i don’t have a permit to work anymore. My agents seem to be confident that I will receive an invitation immediately in the next draw once my points are updated on my profile. However, I honestly am trying to be realistic about this and figure out a back up plan. I cannot afford to be unemployed without an income for 1-6 months.

Please help me out.


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