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Express Entry 2022 Results and Review

Canada Express Entry Immigration Pool Draw System – 2022 Results and Review

Express Entry 2022 Results and Review

The year 2022 was a high watermark for Canada immigration and its steward Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Highlights include:

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Summary of 2022 Express Entry Draws

Express Entry Draws: 2022

Draw # Minimum CRS Score RequiredDate of Draw       # of ITAs Issued
236491November 23, 20224,750
235494November 9, 20224,750
234491October 26, 20224,750
233500October 12, 20224,250
232504September 28, 20223,750
231511September 14, 20223,250
230516August 31, 20222,750
229525August 17, 20222,250
228533August 3, 20222,000
227542July 20, 20221,750
226557July 6, 20221,500
225752 (*Provincial nominees only)June 22, 2022636
224796  (*Provincial nominees only)June 8, 2022932
223741 (*Provincial nominees only)May 25, 2022589
222753 (*Provincial nominees only)May 11, 2022545
221772 (*Provincial nominees only)April 27, 2021829
220782 (*Provincial nominees only)April 13, 2021787
219785 (*Provincial nominees only)March 30, 2022919
218754 (*Provincial nominees only)March 16, 2022924
217761 (*Provincial nominees only)March 02, 20221,047
216710 (*Provincial nominees only)February 16, 20221,082
215674 (*Provincial nominees only)February 2, 20221,070
214745 (*Provincial nominees only)January 19, 20221,036
213808 (*Provincial nominees only)January 5, 2022392

What is Canada Express Entry System?

Express Entry 2022 Results and Review

Canada uses the Express Entry system to process temporary and permanent immigration applications. It is the most popular way to immigrate to Canada. Typically, IRCC conducts Express Entry immigration pool draws approximately every two weeks.

In each draw, IRCC issues candidates from the Express Entry immigration pool an Invitations to Apply (ITAs) for permanent residence status.

Importantly, only a limited number of candidates with the highest points in the pool get ITAs. You can check any Express Entry draw here at Canada Express Entry draws – Latest Report.

After IRCC approves your application and you complete the landing process, you will officially become a Canadian permanent resident.

Eligibility for Express Entry immigration pool draws

In order to enter Express Entry immigration pool, you must first create an Express Entry pool draws profile on IRCC website.

As well, you must meet the eligibility requirements for one of three programs. These are: the Federal Skilled Worker Class; the Federal Skilled Trades Class; and the Canadian Experience Class.

You dont need a Canadian job offer to enter the Express Entry immigration pool. However, you get additional Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score points if you already have a Canadian job offer.

A total of 1,200 CRS points is available. Out of that, 600 points are available for a job offer or a nomination under any of Canada’s Provincial Immigrant Nomination Programs (PNPs).

A candidate’s CRS score is based on factors such as age, education, skilled work experience and proficiency in English or French.

Individual applicant or a couple may get CRS points. Candidates do not need to have any experience in Canada in order to get ITA for permanent residence.

Your CRS is a numerical value, out of a possible 1,200, determined by your core human capital. This is essentially your age, work experience, educational background, ability to adapt and language skills.