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Eligibility: Recommend Interview

I hope to find all of you very well.

I have received my GCMS notes today 15th Sep (6.20 am EST), exactly after 30 days. Total 85 pages.

Page 1 shows the entire detail of my application. Page 2 shows the most important ‘Assessments’ portion and it reads out as:

Eligibility: Recommend Interview

Security: Not Started (I am much relieved that I am not under SS, but only under eligibility check)

Criminality: Passed

Medical: Passed

Info Sharing: Complete (From notes I have found that this was done with USA and no adverse info found, I think that is what they do under security checks – If I am not mistaken)

My Primary Office is London and Secondary Office is Islamabad.

Page 3 states codes and names of all 5 secondary offices assigned to my file.

Page 4 and 5 mentions provinces data

Page 6 again shows my details with same status of security, criminality, medicals and info sharing. No mention of eligibility here.

Page 9-23 show Eligibility Assessments 1 and 2, and they have status of Passed- Candidates written against them. These pages deal with detailed analysis of my application with respect to education, language, work history and all other factors etc. All attributes are discussed here in detail. Nothing unfavorable found in these pages.

Page 26-29 show admissibility, criminality, medical and info sharing details and all have status of Passed in front of them.

Page 30-36 show the outgoing communications made by IRCC with myself.

Page 36-44 show the incoming communications which I have made with IRCC (At time of submission of application)

Page 45-50 Verification, Events, Fees, Associations, and History etc.

Page 50- 57 shows Applications Section and it has total of 29 application new and old values with the most recent mentioning Recommend Interview. Application 1 shows this and it is from London.

Page 58-68 shows total of 39 Activities. The Activity 1 again shows that Recommend Interview but it is from Centralized Intake Office, not from my Primary Office- London. These activities show that I have cleared many steps of Eligibility or may be it has been analyzed many times.

Page 68 shows that my file was transferred to London VO on 8th March 2018 due to workload distribution.

Page 69-79 shows the electronic documents submitted in GCMS system.

Page 80-85 have the Notes section, which I suppose is the main part. Total of 19 notes. I will put them in reverse order just to clarify.

Notes 11- Asks for Schedule A form which was demanded by IRCC on 5th Feb. I submitted that on 7th feb.

Notes 9-10 were made on 7th Feb in which they verified all CRS scores claimed by myself. Education, work history, language etc.

Notes 8 put Criminality Passed (R10). Formed on same date 7th Feb

Notes 7 were made by CIO and checked A11.2 and the case processing officer has put file on Review Required under Primary Occupation. Then again he has put Review Required on R76 (FSW Points) mainly because he was not convinced with my work history. He gave verified 59 points where I have claimed 70. After this he has mentioned my CRS to be 472 and cut off for that round 452, and he has verified 422 points and has put me under review required for other 50 points mainly subject to occupational clearance.

After these notes were made on 23rd Feb my file was transferred to London VO on 8th March and it saw zero movement till 10th July. I don’t know what to comment here. This is really frustrating to know and my guess was 100 percent right that they have not touched my file for around 4 months during that period.

On July 10th, they made notes 6,5,4,3

Notes 6: No Foss record found

Notes 5: Applicant has no dependents.

Notes 4: PA likely meets NOC definition but he needs to provide job description letter to confirm this. Then I will decide if an interview is required by him or it can be waived. On July 10th at around 8.15 am EST I received ADR for job description which I provided in 4 days.

Notes 3: Again Criminality was checked and put passed. Did on July 10th as well.

Most hilarious part is that notes 3,4,5,6 took just 20 minutes to be made in GCMS notes. Gap between Notes 6 and 7 is around 4.5 months. I can laugh at this.

Again the frustration continues as my file was not touched from July 14th (the day on which I uploaded ADR) till 15th August (the day on which I ordered my GCMS notes). So, it means that all of you who say that ordering GCMS notes move your file in a positive and forward direction are absolutely right. Thanks to all of you. Big Cheers.

Notes 1 and 2 were made simultaneously on the same date Aug 15th with gap of thirty minutes.

Notes 2: It says that my ADR has been reviewed and they found it brief but they are satisfied that I meet the occupational requirements. They came to this conclusion by considering my educational and other documents. Interview waived.

Notes 1: Addresses and Background info for all over 18 on application reviewed including all sub tabs (I think info of my family members have been noticed and reviewed).

From Notes 2 it can be seen that interview has been waived off, but still the assessments section says eligibility is subject to recommended interview. Can some senior person like legal falcon or Bimale help with any suggestion? It will be highly appreciated please.

I think my application has not been touched after issuance of these notes on 15th Aug. So should I order them again to see if some movement has been made or not?

I would like to thank all of you again for your effortless and endless support and guiding me in a forward direction?

If anyone has any question or suggestion for me, then please don’t hesitate sharing it.


Dr. Muhammad Bilal

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