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Does CIC exclude “probation” period for work experience?

I have 2 questions about work experience:
– I am claiming for 3 years work experience but of those 3 years 6 months was the probation period. Will CIC consider it as 3 years? My job and duties have been the same since the start of my work experience.

– The date on which you became qualified in the NOC..
I have been in Technical Sales since 2006 in the same company say Company X. then i quit in 2012 to pursue my Masters. I rejoined in 2014 in a sales role again in Company X. Please note it was not a sabbatical. I have relieving letter etc of the first stint. Since I am claiming experience from 2014(ie.3 yrs) what should be the date I became qualified? should it be 2014 or 2006?

Any views would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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