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Hi Guys, i would like your advice concerning my application which was rejected today and wherewith i am very disappointed with the decision. In order to have a full grasp of the whole scenario, i will be stating as much information as possible.

So i got a correspondence today stating that my EE application had been rejected. Quoted is the reason i got in the correspondence letter:

“Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has reviewed your application for permanent
residence. We have determined that your application does not meet the requirements of a
complete application as described in sections 10 and 12.01 of the Immigration and Refugee
Protection Regulations. Your application is rejected for being incomplete.

Specifically, your application does not include the following elements:
– Police Certificate:
o The Police certificate from GHANA was not provided. This document is required based
on address/background history from 2013/01 to 2013/10. It appears you resided 6
months or more in that country. NOTE: You did not provide a letter of explanation and
proof of submission for this Police Certificate.

Note: A full review of your application was not performed. There may be other elements, not
identified above, which may also be missing or incomplete.”
Prior to the above correspondence, i had received an earlier correspondence letter(28th of Jan) instructing me to upload forms IMM5669 and IMM5562 which i did same day. Now i want to state that at no point in time did i stay/reside at GHANA for upto or more than 6 months at a stretch and that was expressly stated in Form IMM5562; supplementary travels which was uploaded(as a merged pdf document with form IMM5669) as instructed. I was running a post graduate degree program there and would shuttle between GHANA and my country of residence without ever using up to 180days(6 months) @ a stretch. I stand to be corrected but i believe EE criteria states that you get a Police report for anywhere u have stayed for more than 6 months..

Also i got the ITA because i am a provincial nominee and had filled all the necessary forms including the above mentioned forms(IMM5669 and IMM5562) which got me the nomination. So all i really did was re-submit the forms i had earlier submitted to get my PNP to CIC.

Below is further information stated in the correspondence letter and i quote:

“Job Seeker account
Since your application is rejected, you are no longer a candidate for Express Entry and your
Express Entry profile number is no longer valid.

New Express Entry profile
If you still want to come to Canada as a skilled immigrant, you must submit a new Express Entry
profile through your MyCIC account. If you choose to submit a new Express Entry profile, you
must make sure your documents are valid on:
– the date you submit your new Express Entry profile,
– the date you submit your application for permanent residence, if you are invited to apply.

The information you submitted as part of your original Express Entry profile will remain in your
MyCIC account for 60 calendar days from the date of this letter. This information can be used to
submit a new Express Entry profile.
If you submit a new Express Entry profile, you will get a new profile number. You will also get
directions on how to register for Job Bank with this new number.”

Now my questions are;

1) Can/Should i appeal the decision because in my opinion: I feel that whoever reviewed the documents on CIC probably did not review by IMM5562 form because it was a merged pdf with IMM5669 been the first document. If they had done that and needed proof, i would have gladly provided(stamped pages of my travel document).
2) If i did/do decide to appeal, how would i go about it?
3)Would it be possible to re-apply with the same PNP Nomination certificate which is valid till Jun this year because CIC state in the rejection correspondence and i quote; “Since your application is rejected, you are no longer a candidate for Express Entry and your
Express Entry profile number is no longer valid.”
. Is the nomination tied to the initial(rejected) EE profile no?
4) If i could reapply with the same PNP nomination, how would i go about it?

Thanks in advance for all your help.

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