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Children’s PR refusal

Hello every one, I want to share my story here, see if any one of you could help me. I am a protected refugee in Canada. I got my PR almost four years ago. My refugee reason was mainly my ex husband and he is a suspect of murder of my 21 years old young brother. Ahh anyway I applied for my children’s PR in 2016 and it got refused based on not having the full custody or a father’s deceleration form signed by him. My mother had a interim custody of children, her permission definitely wasn’t sufficient for the officer . Now it’s been six years as a single mother I am struggling to make a life here and bearing my children’s all kind of expenses back home. I am getting tired as well as the fact not seeing my own children for past six years is like a living hell . I hired the top lawyer in Toronto spent almost over 6k on his fees for children PR which got refused and than visitor visa which he told me had very less chances after I paid him his fee . Now there is another Paralegal female that I hired,she charged me the fee which a Toronto lawyer would ask and literally not doing any proper thing . Means won’t answer the calls or emails etc . Anyway long story short after 12 years of court battle for custody backhome finally I and my mother won’t the custody of my children. Yet this paralegal is asking me to sign a deceleration form from my ex ?!?! Where as I don’t know his where abouts he is the reason why I am sitting in Canada as a refugee. Please guide me what should I do ? This paralegal took almost 3k from me also she came up with the hidden dispersmemt charges after she quoted me the full fee now she says bla bla it was written in the contract that you will pay the extra expenses like photocopy fax etc I got charged 150 for the photocopies which is utter bs . The paper she wa usef wasn’t gold plated,anyway some times i think I shouldn’t pay her more money and do the case by my own my only confusion is that I CANT GET a permission letter from my ex for very obvious reasons . What are the chances for my children PR to get approved . Thank you all for listening out and sticking by till the end .

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