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  • When You Are Behind in Your Rent Payment

    What can my landlord do if I owe rent? There are a few different things your landlord can do if they think you have not paid all your rent. Eviction notice Your landlord can try to evict you if they say you…

  • Housing Law – Tenant Rights

    Landlord Harassment is Illegal You have the right to use and enjoy your home. The landlord is not allowed to harass you, threaten you, or invade your privacy. Your landlord must also make sure no one working for them or…

  • My apartment is too hot. Do I have a legal right to air conditioning?

    Please note that CLEO’s Steps to Justice website has extensive information in Housing Law. For more information visit: Keeping cool at home can become a challenge at least on some days and in some parts of Ontario. Excessive heat is…