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  • Fired by Employer? Know the Law and Your Rights

    If you’re fired from your job, your employer has to: pay you any wages they owe you produce a Record of Employment Rules in Ontario’s Employment Standards Act Ontario’s Employment Standards Act (ESA) has rules about what your employer has to do when they dismiss…

  • Workplace Harassment – Know Your Rights!

    What if I’m being harassed at work for reasons that go against my human rights? Human rights laws say that employers must not discriminate against you. And if other workers discriminate against you, your employer must take steps to make…

  • When I apply for a job, what can an employer ask me?

    The law says that employers can ask questions about whether you’re qualified and able to do the job. For example, if you need a driver’s licence for a delivery job, an employer can ask if you have one. And an…