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car: export from US / import into Canada


As a student in BC, I was permitted to keep my US insurance and license. The license was not a problem, but the insurance was.

My insurance company would pay claims in Canada. Some won’t, but mine was reasonably good. Unfortunately, if one is exempt from the insurance requirements in BC, you need to get a sticker that proves it (so you don’t get in trouble for lack of proof of insurance). To do this, the insurance company would need to fill out some forms that proves they will cover Canadian claims. The insurance company would not do this.

Without this, I could not get the sticker, and without the sticker, I could not legally drive my car (as my US proof of insurance was not valid). This forced me to register my car in Canada, so that ICBC would cover me. I couldn’t do that without the title, however, and I couldn’t get that until I paid off the loan on my car.

So, while “theoretically” I was “free” to “keep my insurance”, it worked about as well for me as it did for ObamaCare.

Step one for you is to contact the insurance company and see if they will insure you. If they won’t, you won’t be able to get new US insurance if you are not a US resident (since those are regulated by the states), and you may have to import the vehicle to get coverage.

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