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There are three programs available for people who desire to become Canadian permanent residents by settling in the Yukon territory, namely the Skilled Worker Program, the Critical Impact Worker Program and the Business Program.

Yukon Skilled Worker Program

The Yukon SWP is designed to assist Yukon employers, sectors or governments to identify and nominate potential qualified immigrants to fill positions that cannot be filled by domestic labour markets.

Program Requirements:

  • You must have an offer of employment classified as skill level “O”, “A” or “B” in the NOC;
  • The employer must prove that they haven’t been able to fill the position from Yukon and Canada labour pool;
  • The offer of employment must be permanent full-time and the applicant must be able to communicate in English or French.

Yukon Critical Impact Worker Program

This program is designed to  address the critical need of semi-skilled workers in the hospitality and service sectors in the Yukon.

Program Requirements:

  • You must have an offer off employment classified skill level “C” and “D” in the NOC;
  • You must have a work permit or have already worked in the position for six months;
  • You must be able to communicate in English or French (minimum language requirements).

Yukon Business Nominee Program

There are two categories available for individuals to apply as entrepreneurs or as self-employed individuals.

  • Yukon Entrepreneur Immigration Category
    In order to qualify, applicants must have:

    • A personal net worth of at least $250 000;
    • Make an investment of at least $150 000;
    • Demonstrate reasonable knowledge of Yukon and its economy as well as reasonable communication skills, necessary experience and education to successfully implement business plan.
  • Yukon Self-Employed Immigration Category
    This stream is intended for professionals who can provide a service which is in demand, such as doctors, nurses, electrical engineers and electronic engineers. The applicant must have:

    • Reasonable communication skills and reasonable knowledge of Yukon and its economy;
    • Create a business plan and have sufficient resources to start and operate a professional practice.

Yukon PNP Processing Times

For Skilled Worker and Critical Impact Worker applications the typical processing time is six (6) weeks from receipt of a complete application.

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